Frequent Questions

I want to learn how to communicate with my husband so we don’t get into conflict and rage – can you help?

Yes, we can work on improving communication and conflict resolution skills.

Since the divorce there is a dynamic playing out in our family that needs to be addressed. Can you help us talk about the “elephant” in the room?

Unspoken issues which get swept under the carpet will eventually build up and explode – in family group coaching, we enable courageous conversations to happen in a safe and supported space, so everyone feels seen, heard and understood. Then solutions can be negotiated together.

How will I cope in a relationship when I can't cope with myself?

Knowing and understanding ourselves is important before trying to be in a relationship with someone else. The Enneagram is a really valuable tool for making sense of how we experience the world and relationships and how others make sense of you. As an Integrative Enneagram practitioner, I can administer the questionnaire and coach you through the report for personal and professional development.

I am a new Mom and I am very anxious about doing the right thing for our baby. Can you help us as we have very different parenting styles?

Babies and children thrive when there is consistency, routine and predictability – I can assist you and your husband to work out practical parenting skills which will work for all of you.

We have a problem of young employees bringing issues from home to work – how do you teach these millennials there is work to be done?

Accountability and responsibility are leadership skills which even young people can learn. Through the process of experiential learning and consequences; coaching and good leadership, millennials can learn to adapt to what is expected of them.

Everyone knows the restructuring means retrenchment for a lot of people – how can we help our staff prepare for change?

Fundamentally this is best handled with open communication and offering support for the affected employees through workshops and coaching for change. Even those who are remaining need support through the change, as it unsettles everyone. I have experience in facilitating such groups and preparing management to support their staff and themselves through the transition of restructuring.

We sit in meetings all day long and get nowhere. We need to get to the point of decisions and actions – how do we do this when people don’t want to take responsibility?

Actions will only happen when people believe in the value and purpose of the decisions being made. Facilitated sessions to support every person on the team voice their concerns; pull together towards the common goals, resolve anxieties.

Where are your offices?

My office is in Randburg, Johannesburg. However I coach both at my office, by arrangement at my client’s office, and online.

I am able to travel in South Africa and overseas for all contracted work.

Can you coach on Skype after hours?

Yes by arrangement.

Do you work online in different time zones?

Yes by arrangement.


If you have a question that is not listed above, please use this form to submit it to me. I am dedicated to serving my clients and prospects, and will be happy to address any concerns or enquiries with you in full confidentiality.

You are of course always welcome to simply give me a call if you prefer.


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