Life Coaching

Getting to the root cause
of the problem results in
longer lifespan and savings

Couples Coaching

Mediation to couples and families
in distress, focusing on respect,
communication and sustainable solutions

Leadership Development

Facilitation of skills development,
team building, collaboration and
sustainable management growth

Coaching, Facilitation and Mediation

Building a happier community through connection, communication and conflict resolution
Focused on individuals, couples, families, leaders and management teams

40 Years of helping people be happier, healthier and more productive.

Benefits to YOU:


40 Years experience


Eclectic blend of coaching modalities


Deep insight into the human condition


Practical and implementable


Focus on getting to the bottom


Safe space for difficult issues


Personal empowerment techniques


Holistic and sustainable solutions


I cannot recommend Steph highly enough. Her amazing insight into the human condition, and gentle questioning peels back the layers to reveal issues that your never have considered.

Fiona Macpherson – Scottish Tourism – UK

Stephanie was instrumental in helping me reach a higher level of self-awareness and discovery. She helped me to create a safe space when confronted with difficult people and empowered me with the right tools to handle those situations with grace and dignity. I have gained new insights and understanding into the obstacles I face as well as my strengths and weaknesses.

I can already feel that my stress levels are lower and that I have a more balanced life. I am definitely on the right path. Thank you Stephanie for being a wonderful coach.

Joanette van Wyk – Business Consultant – Mandevco

I have had the pleasure of being coached for six months by Stephanie Dawson-Cosser. I have found Stephanie to have extensive knowledge and experience in her coaching style. Her approach is systematic and practical and has the ability to unlock one’s thinking by asking the right questions. The outcome of the coaching sessions has helped me overcome challenges both in my professional career and personal life.

I highly recommend Stephanie Dawson to any organisation seeking to maximise on the strengths of individuals or teams. I am confident that regardless the task she will bring a great deal of professionalism, energy and spirit.

Jow-hara Omarjee – Lead Diversity and Employment Equity – Sasol South Africa

Sometimes you just can't do it on your own!

Family relationships, personal growth and team dynamics can be improved
with the help of an experienced coach, mediator and facilitator.

Stop struggling and get the help you need right now!